"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark!" This is a saying that I have frequently run into while drawing up my Food Storage and Emergency Essentials plan. However, I believe that it is currently raining folks! Our little family hasn't been in a position where we could truly establish a house of order in this regard, until now. So we are moving full steam ahead at this point to fill our ark. Feel free to join in the fun and give us any suggestions along the way as we fill our home storage with a three month supply of food, home, and emergancy essentials!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Enrichment Night Idea: Food Storage-Emergency Essentials

Be Prepared
Enrichment Night

Three Centers: Have a five minute presentation. Pass out information. Ask women to share experiences or ideas with each other. Watch YouTube videos.

Center Ideas:
72 Hour Kits, Gardening without a lot of space, How to cook and enjoy freeze dried and dehydrate food (with samples), Building a 3-Month Supply, Cooking without electricity, How to store water, etc.

Reward For Participation: Everyone that visits a center gets a sticker.
Candy Bar Wrappers

Website Resources:

YouTube Videos:

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